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Let us help transform your residential and commercial spaces into havens of style, comfort and functionality. With a passion for innovation and design, we offer a stunning array of blinds, awnings, pergolas and shutters, adding a touch of sophistication to every corner while also protecting you, your loved ones, guests and customers from the harsh UV rays. 

You’ll benefit from our 40+ years of experience and history as we come up with a personalised solution for you, whether you’re at or somewhere near the Sydney Airport, Ricketty St or L’ Estrange Park. 

Unveil elegance through blinds 

Discover the art of balancing light and privacy with our meticulously crafted blinds. Our collection boasts a diverse range of designs, materials and styles to harmonize seamlessly with your interiors. Whether it’s the unique allure of plantation shutters, the timeless charm of Roman blinds or the sleek efficiency of roller blinds, our selection promises to elevate your windows’ aesthetics while providing privacy and practical light control. 

Transform outdoor spaces with awnings and pergolas 

Extend your living space beyond your walls with our elegant awnings and pergolas. Crafted for both homes and businesses, our awnings offer shelter from the sun while allowing you to savour the outdoors. With retractable options, you’re in control of the elements. Our pergolas invite you to create a captivating outdoor haven, blending nature and architecture for unforgettable moments. 

Sophistication meets functionality in shutters 

Experience the fusion of beauty and utility with our premium shutters. Tailored to your preferences, our shutters enhance privacy, regulate light and provide insulation, all while exuding an air of refined elegance. Elevate your interior spaces with a touch of sophistication through our premium shutters. 

Why customers choose us 

40+ years of experience and history. Over the years we’ve worked on different residential and commercial spaces. Every time we’ve been able to come up with creative and innovative solutions that delight people and their families, guests and customers. 

Design expertise. Our team of design enthusiasts understands the nuances of every space. We offer consultations that merge your vision with our expertise to create personalised and stunning solutions. 

Seamless installation. Let our professionals take care of installation, ensuring a smooth, stress-free process that brings your vision to life. 

Craftsmanship and quality. We take pride in delivering products that embody superior craftsmanship and durability, ensuring your investment lasts for years to come. We are an authorised distributor of widely known brands such as Helioscreen, CW Systems, Weinor, Somfy, Veri Shades and Openshutters. 

Functionality, protection and style  

Reimagine your living and working spaces with the unparalleled beauty of our blinds, awnings, pergolas and shutters. Elevate the aesthetics, inspire functionality and transcend ordinary design and make your indoor or outdoor space a more delightful place for everyone. 


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