Manufactured on the NSW Central Coast by open shutters
- look no further

It’s an open and shut case for choosing a quality timber shutter.

Before you decide to invest in shutters for your home or business it pays to look into what makes an Open Shutter.

Feel free to compare with lesser shutters.

We guarantee an Open Shutter is a decision you can live with for a lifetime.

We have an open ended guaranteed warranty on all our shutters, as long as you are the original owner, we will warrant against any faults due to the manufacturing and workmanship for as long as you own them.(Conditions Apply)

We are very conscious of making sure you are completely satisfied with the end product.
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  • Furniture grade Western Red Cedar.

Blade size

  • Choose a blade size for your shutters that reflects the view outside
  • For example, in a highly scenic setting
    (eg, an ocean view), slimmer blades such as the Broad.
    View range are ideal.
    Slim panel designs are best if you wish for excellent views.

Slim panel designs are best if you wish for excellent views.

  • For more privacy, a larger size blade (such as the 90mm or 115mm aerofoil) are more suitable.
  • 46mm- Aerofoil blade (available on request)
  • 70mm – Aerofoil Blade
  • 90mm – Aerofoil Blade – (most popular size)
  • 115mm – Aerofoil Blade
  • 68mm – Flat blade
  • 84mm – Flat blade

Compare the Quality Craftsmanship

  • Semi concealed tilt mechanism for clear uninterrupted view, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Only top grade Western Red Cedar – no inferior species like Kerrie wood, bass wood, cotton wood, pine etc.
  • Solid timber – not plastic or composites
  • Mortice and Tenoned joints, strongest joint possible – others make do with dowel joints.
  • Sanded components to furniture grade – don’t settle for a rough finish.
  • Designed with arrised edges for optimum paint adhesion.
  • Non corrosive components no – steel pop rivets or shelf supports for blade pivots.
  • Tension screw with nylon bush for smooth action – others don’t protect timber from wear.
  • Glue is waterproof and heat resistant – others won’t go the distance
  • Leading edge technology for consistency and accuracy – assured of a neater fit.
  • Panels designed to classic proportions – others trim frames to fit with less pleasing visual result
  • 180° rotation for ultimate flexibility in heat and light control – others don’t swing both ways.

Superior paint system

  • Choose a blade size for your shutters that reflects the view outside
  • No isocynates, lead free, dust free finish, excellent colour retention (does not fade or yellow).
  • Long lasting semigloss finish, Colour matched to any decorator colour, Easy touch-up if scratch or damage occurs. Fast drying.
  • Care kits and touch-up paint included with every installation .
  • Custom painted to match any paint you choose
    Standard Cedar colours are available along with up to 12 pastel shades and stains.
  • It is necessary to provide a sample if you require the shutters to be custom painted or stained. External finishes are available.

Fitting Methods

  • Fixed
  • Non-Mortised Hinges
  • Sliding
  • Bifold with and without Tracking
  • Pivot hinged


  • Our experienced installers/tradesmen will check measure and install your shutters as you would expect, properly and professionally, the way it should be done.
  • Exact measurements of the finished panels are needed to ensure the highest quality appearance and installation with minimal gaps.
  • One third (1/3) deposit is required to process the order. Delivery times are approximately 6 weeks

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