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In Sydney, we are lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine for much of the year. However, more often than not, a bit of sun protection or shade to sit under is much more enjoyable than roasting in the oven of UV rays that is the summer sun. Automatic awnings and pergolas are a good way to ensure that your family stays safe and comfortable, whilst also enjoying the outdoors.

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Most motorised retractable awnings and pergolas systems use a remote control to use and administer the specific settings you require. It will depend on the manufacturer on model as to which exact options are available. Long gone are the days of having to crank an awkward handle to extend or retract your awning. Now it’s all done by remote control.

The range of products available for motorised awnings and pergolas has increased and now includes many choices of control, speed, size and power ratings, suitable for most applications.

Modern Australian homes often make use of a number of glass features, from large windows and skylights, through to glass roofs. This makes them susceptible to heat. Our homes also tend to include outdoor entertainment areas. When sunlight becomes too intense, it can restrict the use of these types of living space. With electric shades we can provide your home with sun protection from the elements and privacy at the same time.

Hence retractable awnings and pergolas are a smart choice for shading, sheltering and retracting requirements while providing an aesthetically pleasing design element to any commercial or home project.

Wind resistance and weather conditions

If you choose a waterproof system, even if it starts to rain, or if you’re just feeling like switching to an indoor activity, motorised awnings give you the flexibility of being able to move from outside to inside without having to actually move. Many models of retractable awnings and pergolas are able to respond to most weather conditions automatically. All systems have a certain level of wind resistance built in however, depending on the model, it may be recommended to retract during storms and high winds.

How does a retractable drop awning or pergola shading system work?

When you retract or extend awning or pergola system, the fabric or rigid structure will fold, roll or concertina depending on the model chosen.

Shading systems, awnings, pergolas or other equipment can be fixed to an existing and/or new structures. We will advise whether your existing structure will be sufficient, and if it’s not, then will advise what needs to be added or changed to make it so.

Installing a retractable pergola or awning is generally straight forward and many applications can be performed in 1 to 2 days with half the time being taken removing existing equipment and fittings (if required).

For some applications we may recommend an optional drainage system, to carry away rainwater.

Weather sensors

Sensors can be a useful option for retractable awnings and retractable pergolas in helping to retract or reopen the structure when wind gusts approach dangerous levels. These sensors utilise technologies such as ultrasonic sensors to detect changes in wind gusts, and can retract or open accordingly.

Such sensors can also be used as a protection mechanism during storms or rain. It will depend on the model and manufacturer you choose as to the level of automation available.

The same weather sensor technology is used for retracting or opening awnings and pergolas based on sunlight intensity. A sensor measures light levels in the environment and can be set to retract or open the structure as the light begins to fade (dusk) or brighten (morning).

Retractable canopy and drop awnings

These are motorised retractable pergolas and awnings that fold into a ceiling, wall or floor mounted enclosures to allow the retracting system to stay hidden when not in use. Choose for a retractable ceiling mounted canopy to protect your family and furniture from the sun, rain or snow.

These systems are available in various sizes. Each comes with its own belt driven retracting mechanism. Awnings and pergola systems are ideal for areas such as balconies and car ports.

If you are not sure which system is suitable for your area, please contact our experts who will help you make the right decision.

Folding Arm Awnings

Arm awnings are available by a number of manufacturers including Helioscreen and Weinor. This style of remote-control fabric awning is excellent for when no other support beams can be installed to support an extended shade cloth. The cloth shade is unrolled with mechanical arms supporting the weight of the cloth.

These are well engineered for longevity and have an elegant and practical look when installed.

Reputable manufacturers only

You can be confident that the manufacturer of your new system is reputable. Our range of options are from primary suppliers Helioscreen, CW Systems, Open Shutters, Somfy, Veri Shades, and Weinor. Over our experience, we’ve found these companies manufacturer high quality drop awnings and pergolas, with a wide range of options, and with good warranties.


A variety of finishes are available depending on location and application requirements. These may include anodising which has a range of standard colour options, powder coating in a range of colours and even custom colour matching to existing structures (please enquire for more information).

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