Veri Shades are more contemporary and lighter window coverings than older style, heavy curtains, but also have the versatility of blinds. Veri Shades are the new midpoint between blinds and curtains. They are available in an extensive range of fabrics, and can be tailored to suit any room or style, from contemporary to classic.

The benefits of Veri Shades

Veri Shades are easy to fit with no need for drilling into walls or ceilings, simply attach at the back of your window frame using pre-fitted hooks and brackets to which the shade is attached.

Veri Shades can be drawn apart like curtains, but also folded opened and closed like blinds. Their folds contain patented alternating mesh

  • If you turn the wand (like blinds) and close the folds, light is blocked and privacy is increased
  • Turn the wand the other way and the overlaying folds open, letting more light through.
  • Varying degrees of opening and closing the folds will offer varying degrees of filtered light.
  • However, like curtain, if you want full daylight, you slide your Veri Shades right apart.


  • there are no chains, weights or heavy plastic slats like older style vertical blinds
  • the fabric hangs as if it were curtains
  • comes in a variety of colour options
  • Veri Shades can span up to 6 metres
  • comes in a variety of high quality fabrics
  • Soil resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • resistant to fading
  • easy care fabric
  • single track
  • durable fabric
  • pet friendly

The soft fabric hangs beautifully

For those who are looking for an attractive, modern window treatment which doesn’t require a lot of hassle or expense, Veri Shades are the perfect solution. Available in a range of colors and fabrics, there’s a design that’s bound to suit any taste or decor.

Veri Shades fabrics have a timeless net pattern which can work in all home decors. From contemporary to classic, the net design allows for superior light filtering and privacy with an opacifying effect when closed. The supple folds operate together to control light and provide unlimited personal expression. The fabric can be drawn open or closed to allow for easy access, ventilation, and temperature regulation.

There are 12 colours available in various patterns like stripes, checks and florals. They come in polyester and microfiber options which feature a subtle sheen that helps to reflect harsh sunlight away from

An excellent option for window furnishings

When you choose Veri Shades, you’re getting a product which is both practical and stylish, easy to hang and will transform your windows. Their versatile nature means they can be tailored for any window size or shape, using an extensive range of fabrics – from traditional blinds to contemporary prints, solids and textured fabrics.

They can look amazing in either a home or office environment with their timeless net design which is patented to be translucent when open and opaque when closed. This system can adjust light levels depending on how open or closed they are.

Translucent or opaque fabric in one system

There are no cords or chains with Veri Shades, they’re raised and lowered by simply sliding them across the track at the top of your window. These blinds are easy to fit using pre-fitted hooks and brackets which attach to the back of your window frame so there’s no need for drilling into walls or ceilings.

Veri Shades offer privacy and light control, so they’re perfect for any room. You can also use them to prevent or reduce glare from the sun on television screens and computer monitors.

For those who want their bedroom to be as stylish as their living area, Veri Shades are an excellent option.

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