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Woven blinds can be outrageously beautiful in the right environment when pared with a multitude of decor styles. For example exotic bamboos can be amazing with elegant French timbers; or combining natural wild reeds with crisp white painted window frames for more of a country look can give just that right level of contrast. Furniture styles as far apart as rustic orientals or contemporary clean lines can all be accessorised by the right choice of woven blind. 

Woven blinds can also provide a great level of privacy whilst still allowing filtered light to enter the room so they can be an ideal choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas or kitchens alike. 

Generally low maintenance, these blinds are popular with home owners and renters due to their ability to provide a quick makeover to any room without the hassle or expense of more traditional window treatments. 

Styles and functionality

Woven blinds come in many different styles. You can have them as Roman blinds, roller blinds, roll-up blinds, rattan blinds or venetians. 

Woven blinds can be made with a variety of different materials, each with their own benefits. For example, bamboo blinds are very durable and easy to clean, while reed blinds provide excellent insulation. Consider what you need from your blinds before making 

The style of the weave also has a number of options such as urban weave for that more contemporary yet retro ‘urban cool’ look, or natural weave for a more classic feel. 

Colour, and Texture options

We have many available options for blinds made from woven materials. There is a large array of colours and textures to choose from. If you want something that will complement your existing décor, furniture or fabrics, there are plenty of options available. Or if you’re looking for something to make a statement, you can find woven blinds in bolder colours and patterns.  

Woven blinds can be supplied in one of a number of finishes, including painted, stained or natural. They can also come in a variety of textures, such as smooth, matte or glossy. 

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