When using your outdoor entertaining area, having an pergola system of some sort is almost mandatory in Australia. Nobody really likes sitting out in the sun for very long, and a pergola system will give you shade as well as somewhere comfortable to sit.

Australian homes love their outdoor entertaining areas, and this is why you need to have an innovative design for your pergola system. That way you can enjoy your outdoor area all year round while protecting what’s under it at the same time.

Not only do contemporary pergola systems look amazing, but can be very hardy in all weather conditions, and can last you for years to come.

Retractable roof systems

Retractable roofs come in many forms but a very popular one is retractable pergola awnings. This type of system is great for when you are entertaining so you can easily give shade to your guests. It also gives you the option of having an outdoor area set up with furniture, yet still have it protected from the elements so if the sun comes out or it starts to rain you just pull up the awning and protect everything underneath.

Smart louvre system

This style of pergola system can be custom designed to fit your requirements exactly, or purchased as a standard size. They are very relatively easy to install, and no matter what location you live in they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Your outdoor entertaining area will easily last you for years while looking amazing at the same time. With precision engineering and motorised operation, the smart louvre system can be made to automatically adjust to filter direct sunlight throughout the day, whilst still allowing the sky to be viewed. Perfect for the protection of your family and outdoor areas.

Retractable awnings

A retractable awning is by far the most popular type of system, because it is almost impossible to go outside without having access to some sort of shade. They also allow you to use your outdoor area when it’s raining, and when there isn’t any direct sunlight you can easily retract the awning so that nothing is in the way of the sky.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces

There’s nothing better than a well constructed outdoor space designed for entertaining, and nothing worse than being completely exposed to the hot sun or blinding rain for a BBQ. It really can be make or break the day.

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